At California Bolt Company, we are a comprehensive distributor for the parts and fasteners that make big projects work. A longtime "one-stop shop" for commercial and industrial customers alike, our product selection includes critical components such as bolts, nuts, cap screws, pins, and anchor bolts.

Our product selection includes rivets for important structural and sheet metal applications. Types we stock and sell include blind, dome, and flat rivets. We can also custom manufacture rivets according to your specific needs and design drawings.

In addition to our comprehensive product selection, we provide next day delivery on most orders. Feel free to contact us directly to learn more.


Rivets Products We Carry


  • Open End
  • Closed End
  • Soft Set
  • MultiGrip
  • HR Rivet
  • UltraGrip
  • T-Rivet
  • LSR (Lead Spreading Rivet)
  • POP Rivets
  • Easy Entry
  • Grooved Rivet
  • Peel Type Rivets
  • Custom Manufactured Rivets

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