At California Bolt Company, we are a longtime supplier of key components for commercial and industrial construction and manufacturing projects. Our product selection, which includes crucial components such as bolts, fasteners, screws, and rivets, is able to provide a single-point source for the components you need.  

 We are a major distributor of medium to high grade pins suited for an endless variety of uses. Our selection includes cotter, dowel, spring, clevis, and knurl pins, covering applications ranging from the bathroom sink to torque transmission. In addition, we support custom manufacturing of pins according to customer print and specifications. 


Pin Products We Carry

  • Dowel
  • Cotter
  • Spring
  • Clevis
  • Knurled Pins
  • Taper
  • Roll
  • Groove Pins
  • Custom Manufactured 

Send us Blue Prints/ you get a Quote

 We provide next day delivery on most orders, making sure that even emergency projects can be satisfied quickly. For more information about our product selection, contact us directly.